yuri [at] yuriwestplat.com  My profile on LinkedIn
• 25+ years of UX design experience
• Worked in UX Director / Lead / Product Owner / Head of Design roles;
• Ecommerce, QHSE, Travel, Productivity sectors;
• UX for SaaS, Enterprise solutions;
• Master Degree in Design Methodologies;
• Co-founded two tech startups;
• Consultant on New Product Development;
• Researcher Applied AI at the Responsible IT Research group;
• Developer of UX Design courses at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences;
I’m a freelance creative and I usually work as a Digital Product Designer or Design Director
Available 20 hours a week
• Creative design vision;
• Oversee and supervise design teams;
• Develop inclusive, transparent, robust and sustainable design principles;
• Collaborate with key stakeholders;
• Design and design thinking advocacy in large organizations;
• Collaborate with key stakeholders;
• Research Through Design to identify new products and opportunities;
• Strategic design and product roadmapping;
• Training and coaching your teams’ professional design skills;
I work in senior-level design positions in UX, IA or VD and in R&D, Product Strategy and Design Thinking.
I co- founded two startups: the ridesharing app Toogethr and the cloud platform andSafety.
I built my first website in 1994 and spent my entire career as a creative in the internet industry. I have over twenty-five years of solid experience in the design and production of interactive products for leading Dutch brands.
Most of my recent research work is in Human-Agent Interaction: user-friendly products and services supported by automated, decision-making algorithms.
Next to my design practice, I teach undergraduate courses on advanced design topics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
I have a BA in Publishing and an MA in Design.