I’m frequently hired as a hands-on consultant for Reseach & Development, Product Strategy and Design Thinking. I usually work in a senior-level position in UX, IA, UI or VD.
I have a BA in Publishing and an MA in Design. I built my first website in 1994 and spent my entire career as a creative in the internet industry. I have over twenty-five years of solid experience in the design and production of interactive products for leading Dutch brands.
 In the past, I co- founded the ridesharing app Toogethr and the cloud-based service andSafety.
Next to my design business, I teach design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
yuri [at] yuriwestplat.com • My profile on LinkedIn
I’m an independent creative and I usually work as a Digital Product Designer.
Most of my recent design work is in Human-Agent Interaction: user-friendly products and services supported  by automated, decision-making algorithms.